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NPM packages

My published NPM packages

A simple Node based metadata scrapper to fetch metadata from various websites and return it in JSON format.

Tiny Spotify client for node.js exposing some useful methods to get your latest Spotify status

Generate Spotify refresh token right from terminal

Node.js bassed scrapper that pulls out all links and images of a given site.

Reads the username and email from `.gitconfig` and returns it as json object

Implementation of popular ROT13 substitution cipher for Node.js

Check all the available MIME types of an extension


APIs I have built and maintain

A rest API for fetching anime quotes

Web apps

Web apps I have built or currently working on

A minimal hackernews client with a clean design

Open source contributions

Open source projects I have contributed to so far

🦄 0-legacy, tiny & fast web framework as a replacement of Express

Type check values

Map object keys and values into a new object

Parse and stringify URL query strings

Scaffold out a node module

Linkify URLs in a string

Check if a value is a plain object

Convert a dash/dot/underscore/space separated string to camelCase: foo-bar → fooBar

Get the command history of the user's shell

Create a noop process and get the PID

Minimize CSS using CSSO

Website source for